Medical Thermography of Hamilton County's professional staff is passionate and qualified.

Our Staff

Stephen P. Elliott, M.D., Medical Director

An experienced, conventionally trained family practitioner with a Masters of Divinity, Dr. Elliott is convinced that the way medicine is typically taught and practiced, with a focus on symptoms rather than root causes, is inadequate. Believing there is a healthier, more holistic approach to optimizing wellness, he pursued advanced training in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine. Through his practice at Medical Thermography of Hamilton County, Dr. Elliott treats each person as the physiologically, anatomically, psychologically and spiritually unique individual they are, and seeks to tailor treatment to best serve the unique characteristics that make us, “us.”

Linda Elliott, BS, MA, LMHC, Executive Director

In addition to her clinical counseling practice, Linda also serves as Executive Director for the practice. Her background in health care administration and human service organization management, coupled with her commitment to a proactive, wellness approach to healthcare are reflected in the professional, intentional approach that is reflected throughout the practice. Medical thermography is just one example of her commitment to offer our patients an alternative to conventional healthcare practices that are reactive to disease instead of proactive to promote health and wellness.

Kelley Keesling, CCTT, Certified Clinical Thermography Technician

Kelley is the clinician who primarily works with patients to answer questions regarding thermography, schedule appointments for imaging, as well as working with patients to obtain the images. Her training and professional demeanor, as well as her years of work with Dr. Elliott, have equipped her to provide her patients with a safe, comfortable and optimal experience. Kelley communicates directly with the Thermographer who reads and interprets the images, as well as Dr. Elliott, in order to assure that each patient receives the most benefit from their thermography imaging.

Emily Miller, RN, MSN, NP-C, Nurse Practitioner

As a nationally certified nurse practitioner, Emily has worked in conventional family medicine, but is passionate about providing compassionate, individualized care to help patients achieve and maintain optimal wellness. She is available to established patients for follow-up appointments, acute illness appointments and gynecological exams.



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