Medical Thermography of Hamilton County is a state-of-the-art facility, conveniently located in downtown Fishers, Indiana.

Thermography is a method of measuring and imaging heat. Medical thermograms capture functional changes in the body. A highly sensitive “camera” is used to capture the infrared energy pattern given off by the body. Since EVERY CHRONIC DISEASE involves chronic inflammation, inflamed tissue is literally “hotter” than normal tissue.

Medical thermal imaging is a comfortable, non-invasive, completely safe procedure that emits absolutely NO radiation and does not come in contact with the body. By capturing the body’s specific “heat signature,” thermography allows the opportunity to detect and monitor dangerous processes long before they may be seen using other imaging techniques like X-rays, mammograms, CT scan, MRI’s and so on.

Medical Thermography of Hamilton County is affiliated with Living with Intention, Inc., a Functional/Integrative Medical Practice under the clinical direction of Stephen P. Elliott, M.D., and founded in 2008.

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